Why Choose Trenchless Sewer Repair?

Traditional sewer line repair involves digging a trench to find and replace the damaged pipe. This can take days, cost lots of money, and leave your property looking like a war zone.

Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless sewer repairs at Plumbers Aurora CO are a faster, less expensive, and less damaging alternative to traditional sewer line repairs. It uses two main methods, which are pipe lining and pipe bursting.

If your sewer line has issues, it is likely going to require some kind of repair or replacement. The traditional method is to dig up your property and remove and replace the damaged pipes. However, trenchless methods can fix many of the same problems without invasive excavation.

Essentially, trenchless sewer repair involves the use of special equipment that can repair or replace your pipe without digging large holes. It is a much less invasive way of fixing the problem and can be completed more quickly.

The main reason that this is so much better is that it saves you money in the long run. The cost of hiring a landscaping company to fix your yard after the excavation is over and the time spent doing so can add up. Trenchless sewer repair eliminates this expense and also prevents you from having to deal with the mess of a ruined lawn.

There are several different trenchless methods, but the most common are CIPP and pipe bursting. The CIPP method involves a thin lining that can be inserted into the existing pipe to seal cracks and repair leaks. This can typically be completed in a day or two and can restore your plumbing to like-new condition.

With the pipe-bursting method, the plumber inserts a new flexible pipe into the old one to break it up and take its place. It requires only one access point to get to the pipe, so it is more affordable than the CIPP method and can still be done in a few days.

Both of these processes are much less invasive than digging up your entire yard. However, they do not address issues such as poor structure, routing, or sagging, which can only be fixed with the removal and installation of a brand new pipe. Nonetheless, they are a great option for repairing or replacing your sewer line without having to dig up your lawn and driveway. The process is also environmentally friendly and can be completed with little risk of contaminating your soil or plant life.

Less damage to your property

When your sewer lines get clogged or damaged, you need to act quickly. If you don’t, waste products like sewage will start to back up into your home and damage its foundation. Traditional methods for repairing and replacing sewer pipes involve digging large trenches throughout your yard and disrupting everything in their path. That’s why many homeowners choose trenchless sewer repair. Trenchless repair methods, such as CIPP and pipe bursting, are minimally invasive and cause less damage to your landscaping.

Both CIPP and pipe bursting are trenchless sewer repair techniques. With CIPP, an epoxy liner is placed inside your existing, damaged pipe. The liner creates a pipe within a pipe and eliminates the need for excavation or replacement of your old pipes. Pipe bursting is another trenchless technique that works well on older clay or Orangeburg pipes. A device with a special head, also known as a “bursting bullet,” is pulled through the existing pipe. As the head travels through, it breaks up the old pipe and lays new high-density polyethylene pipes in its place.

No matter what method is used, trenchless repair causes less damage to your landscaping, driveways, and other parts of your property. This saves you money on repairs to your landscape and makes for a more seamless, clean plumbing experience.

Choosing the right contractor to handle your trenchless sewer repair is critical. Not all plumbers are qualified to work on these types of projects, so it’s important to ask about their training and experience. You should also ask if they own their own equipment rather than renting it from another company. A reputable plumber will own and maintain their own equipment and have the necessary skills to perform trenchless sewer repair quickly and effectively.

Most of your sewer pipes are underground. Traditional sewer pipe repair involves digging up your lawn and landscaping to expose the damaged pipes and then replacing them. However, trenchless sewer repair allows us to get the job done without damaging your landscaping or yard. The only time we’ll need to dig is at one or two access points to locate the damaged pipe and get to work fixing it.

Less Expensive

Trenchless methods can cost less than traditional methods for repairing or replacing your sewer lines. The price difference is largely due to the fact that trenchless contractors don’t have to spend time digging up your property. However, the condition of your damaged pipe will still affect how much it costs to repair it using trenchless technology.

For example, if sections of your pipes are collapsed or back-pitched (meaning they’re flowing toward your home instead of away from it), those sections will need to be dug up in order for plumbers to replace them. This adds to the overall cost of your repair project.

In general, trenchless technologies like CIPP lining and pipe bursting are able to fix damaged pipes without the need for excavation. These methods use liquid epoxy-resin solutions to essentially “heal” the interior surface of your existing pipe. With CIPP, contractors insert an epoxy-coated liner into the existing sewer drain and then inflate it to create a new pipe within the old one. This process will often only take a few hours to complete.

Other trenchless methods, such as pipe bursting, break apart your old pipe and then fill it in with a new one of the same size. This method will also only take a few hours to complete and can be far less expensive than digging and repairing your property afterward.

Lastly, lining your sewer pipes with epoxy resin is the most cost-effective option of all. It can save you thousands of dollars in repair costs and countless hours of lost productivity by eliminating the need for excavation.


Traditionally, sewer repair and replacement were extremely time-consuming jobs because of all the invasive digging they required. Trenchless technology allows plumbers to get the job done more quickly without disturbing your landscaping, driveway, or sidewalks. This means less time spent on the repair and less money you have to spend fixing your property afterward.

If your home’s sewer line is damaged due to a blockage or break, it’s important that you call in a professional right away. The longer you wait, the more serious the issue can become. Plus, you don’t want to risk sewage backing up into your home and causing even more damage.

When you use a trenchless sewer service, your plumber can usually complete the work in a few days or less. Compared to the weeks it might take using traditional methods, this is a huge benefit!

Trenchless sewer services use innovative pipe relining technology.

A popular trenchless sewer repair method is CIPP lining. This process involves snaking an inflatable tube covered in epoxy into the damaged pipe. Once it’s inflated, the epoxy will bond with the inside of your pipes and make them stronger. This will prevent further clogs and repairs and help your pipes last longer.

Another option is pipe bursting, which also requires no digging. This works by pulling a special head through your old pipe, which destroys it while pushing a new pipe behind it. This method is especially helpful when your pipes are made from clay or a material commonly used years ago called Orangeburg.

If the problem is with your sewer mainline, trenchless services are often the best choice. Angi can connect you with a local plumber who is experienced in trenchless sewer line repair and replacement.

Trenchless technology is a modern marvel! It’s more affordable, environmentally friendly, and faster than the traditional digging method. It’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing trenchless sewer repair for their plumbing needs.